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Rhinoplasty is a project

That is why I want to tell you in this video What is “preservation rhinoplasty”? Why do a rhinoplasty? And why not do a rhinoplasty?

It is a very old and proven technique of surgery that focuses on obtaining natural and functional results trying to preserve the anatomy of the tissues with the least trauma and the least amount of grafts possible.

It is to modify the structure of the nose naturally, without changing it for a new one from many grafts.

Preservation rhinoplasty allows us to obtain very natural and attractive results, thanks to the symmetrical study of your face, the characteristics of your skin, and other factors that I analyze in consultation, thus avoiding the traditional "operated nose" look.

Always caring and dedicated to bringing the best of my knowledge and skills to help seek empowerment and gain self-esteem in my patients through improving the nose in all its functional and aesthetic aspects.

With us, rhinoplasty is a project, the goal is not only to change your nose, it is to improve your self-esteem, confidence, and security. Remember that a rhinoplasty is not a matter of fashions or trends. It is about analyzing how much your appearance influences your self-esteem and how you project yourself to others. It is not easy to know, but I can help you to evaluate it transmitting to you my knowledge related to the surgery.

Patient satisfaction depends much more on their expectation than on the surgeon's hands, so a wide-ranging conversation goes a long way toward building knowledge. Knowledge builds confidence.

You can always go in search of your best version but without stereotypes. We are all unique and no one is perfect. We look for natural, functional results that keep the soul of each individual's characteristics.

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